Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I don't have time to email because of computer problems and other things, but here's the email I sent to my mission president. . I love you guys! Talk to you soon! (Sydney didn't want the whole thing on the blog so I'm posting part of it.  I hope she's okay with it)

 Merry Christmas! 

This week was good. It was fun to go to the Christmas party and see all the missionaries, especially Sister M..... (I can't believe she's already going home!). I missed her a lot and it was happy to see her again. 

Regarding investigators, we finally met with (MJ) again, our investigator from Temple Square. We totally thought she had dropped us because she didn't come to church and had stopped answering our calls and texts. We were so sad. But then she texted us on Tuesday and said that we could meet again on Wednesday and Friday. It was like nothing had changed (except she doesn't have a baptismal date anymore) and we were able to pick up right where we left off. She promised to come to church (but something came up with her parents so she couldn't) and said that she wasn't ready to set another baptismal date. We agreed with her. Maybe in January or February. The great thing is she really understands what a commitment getting baptized and joining the church will be and she knows that she's not quite ready to make that commitment just yet. But she will be soon. I have faith in her.

We're still meeting with (21 year old investigator)and preparing her for her baptism on December 28th! It's going really well and she's accepting things wonderfully.  I love her SO much! She reads and marks her scriptures and really understands who God is and that He has a plan for her. She's great. We're planning on meeting her at her house this week so that we can hopefully meet her Step-mom .  

Finally, we got two (maybe soon four!) new investigators through a (referral) from the stake president! The stake president here is the best. The oldest daughter is 18 and wants to go to BYU-Hawaii. We met her and her mom  today and had a great appointment!  We explained what the Church is and what missionaries do and they both promised to come to church next week and maybe the ward Christmas party on Thursday. My companion and I both think that teaching them will go well. We're really excited for them and hope to meet the dad and the youngest daughter soon so that we can start teaching the whole family!

Okay I love you! 
Here's the Christmas scripture we've been sharing with the members.
2 Corinthians 9:15
"Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift."
The gift of His Beloved Son, even Christ the Lord.

Merry Christmas!
Sister Arvanitas

We get to Skype with Sydney on Christmas night.  Only five more letters from her and then she comes home.  Merry Christmas!

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