Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey y'all.

Merry Christmas!
Sorry I couldn't really email last week. It wasn't really P-day and there were computer issues and Christmas play issues and I won't bore you with the details, but hey it's almost 2015! Crazy, right?

But you know what's even crazier? No, not that I'm going home in 5 weeks, but that my investigator got baptized yesterday.


That's right, DW got baptized! She chose her own baptismal date and she actually kept it! I was so proud of her. It was a beautiful baptism and we were all so happy. She said the feeling of being baptized was incredible and that she'll remember it all her life. I think I will too. 

Working backwards in my week, on Saturday we went with DW to a young adult dance for the entire Daejeon Korea Mission area. It was held in our giant ward building, so it wasn't like we had to go very far. It was weird because everyone was like, "Why are the missionaries here...?" And we were like, "We have an investigator! She needs to make friends with the members! We got permission to be here, we promise!" But I got to see so many people from my old areas there! Gongju friends, Jeongup was like my own little members-from-my-mission reunion. Ha, in fact, the members from my old area befriended our investigator better than the Gwangju members did. Which just goes to show that 시골 members are the best. I miss them all so much.

On Friday, I Skyped my family! I love you family! It was so good to see your smiling faces and to hear Nicky's smiling voice. I'll see you all soon.

Thursday was Christmas. Hopefully my last Christmas in Asia. No offense, but Christmases in primarily Buddhist nations are kind of hard. Like all of the commercialism of Christmas, but none of the magic and wonder. Booooo. Our ward had a Christmas party. It was stressful, but the best parts are that 1. Our district's stupid Christmas play is over. YES. I don't know why, but putting on this Christmas play was one of the most dramatic issues of my mission. There were fights, there were tears, there were threatenings to call it quits and go home early, but we made it through! Just barely, but we did it! And we're all still friends somehow. And 2. One of the elders investigator's came to the Christmas party and he is the spitting image of an Asian Ringo Starr. I'll send you pictures because he pretty much made mine and Sister M........'s Christmas.(This is not her old companion, different Sister M)

Wednesday. Christmas Eve! We had a meeting with our ward mission leader at his fancy house. It was fun, we exchanged gifts and ate yummy food. Christmas away from home is hard, but I'll miss this country and these people so much.

And then I don't remember the rest of the week, except we had our mission Christmas party two weeks ago. It wasn't very Christmasy. We watched 17 Miracles. Nothing says, "Have a holly jolly Christmas" like pioneers freezing to death across a snowy, barren prairie. But it was still a grand Christmas party. I got to see and say goodbye to so many people that I love! I swear this mission has some of the best missionaries in the world. I'll miss them all so much.

Anyway I hope y'all had beautiful Christmases. Don't forget that we're still having Christmas 2.0: February 2015. I'm so excited. We're going to listen to Christmas music until mid-April.

Love your faces.
Sister Abba.

Elder S...... as Santa

The secret picture I took of the only Asian member of the Beatles.

My family
(Of course Maddie and Steve look normal, I look drunk.  In my defense, I was sick.)

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