Sunday, November 16, 2014

The city is different but good

안녕 친구.

First off, Grandma Bonnie happy birthday!!! I will be sending you a letter today because today is a letter-sending kind of P-day. I love you!!!

Nicky, I'm sorry you're kind of, sort of staying in Celaya. And that you're zone leader. But I believe in you!! Hopefully your (sort-of) new area is nicer. Love you, kid.

Another week here the big city. So many buses. That's all I can think, every day. Bus after bus after bus. After spending the majority of my mission in areas that have only one main bus that we ride every day, this place is crazy. It is incredibly convenient though, so public transportation for the win.

This week we met with investigators. Guys, I have more than one investigator that has interest outside of English! YAYAYAYAY. I'll tell you about them with secret code names.

MJ. A referral from Temple Square. Yes, you read that right. Isn't that awesome? She was just visiting America with her brother this summer and her brother's friend (a return missionary no doubt) suggested that they visit the historic sights at Temple Square, and so they did! MJ loved it and wanted to learn more, so the Temple Square sisters referred her to us. And guess what? This week we set a baptismal date with her! Hopefully it works out, though she's still a little too shy (nervous? lazy?) to come to church. But let that be a lesson about the importance of Temple Square sisters. Their efforts can work miracles!

MiO. This lady in her 50s who met with the missionaries once a long time ago and decided to call us up and meet with us again. She's an English investigator, but has a ton of questions and religious interest. Part of the reason why she called us is that she started thinking about attending a church, but she didn't know which one to join (sound familiar?). She went to one with her friend and because she's, you know, worried about the state of her immortal soul and stuff, she asked the minister how she could gain salvation. He told her that by listening to his sermons every week, her salvation was secure. Just like that! Well, MiO wasn't satisfied with such a quick fix. Plus she didn't feel very saved so she called us and we've been teaching her about the Atonement of Christ and repentance and baptism. I'm not sure she completely understands yet, but we're working it on it. ^^

Pongo and Perdita (i think i'm hilarious). A married couple! We have family investigators. All my dreams from The District are coming true! They have three little boys who are crazy wild, but they want to raise them well and fix their marital problems, so what better cure than the gospel! They are perhaps some of the most humbling investigators of my mission. I don't want to mess up or lose them! I just want them to be sealed as a family and be happy in the gospel forever and ever.

I'll keep doing my best! Though any advice is always appreciated.
I love you all so much.

Sister Arvanitas

A lot of these pictures are right before she left her last area.  There are a few at the end of the new area she is in.  
The District (her old one)

Saying "goodbye" to some of my favorites.

 Our old investigator took us out to the "lunch of a thousand 반찬." (side dishes)

 One last picture of Sister M..... and a crab.

 Our Filipina investigator, Fatima. Her last words to me were, "You take care always." I LOVE HER.

A final 신권 모임. I miss them already.

My favorite family and the cake they gave me.

. The hairball we'd been growing. (Um, gross!)

A dramatic farewell to 정읍.

 Sad to be separated.

Our church. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

English class with small children. They could not get that last letter. We even told them the word in Korean and they started shouting, "M! it's M!" "no, H! H! it's definitely H!" Sooo funny.

We were just walking home last p-day and we found a giant Pororo made of flowers!

More flowers

That one time we had a mini explosion in our house. R.I.P. my curling iron. (Don't worry, Momma. No serious burns.)

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