Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference was great!

Wow, what a conference! I, for one, loved every second of it. My last conference as a missionary. Booo. I like to categorize my three mission General Conferences like this: October 2013 Comfort: I Will Not Fail Thee Nor Forsake Thee, April 2014 Courage: Defend Your Faith, and October 2014 Constancy (sorry I couldn't think of another good "C" word): Find Your Personal Testimony. Or else.

I loved it so much! I think this conference was really centered on our personal faith as individual members. I couldn't name a favorite talk, or even a favorite session, but I do have lots of favorite moments--when Elder Oaks laughed twice during the story he toldwhen normally soft-spoken Elder Scott strongly said, "Do it!" while talking about studying the scriptures, and of course when those little Korean girls sang, "I Love to See the Temple" and Sister Burton thanked them and said she loved them in Korean! I love Linda K. Burton. And so does Korea! But I'll have to tell you about the specifics of what I liked next time because I forgot to bring all my notes with me. Sister M..... and I have already printed out a few of the talks and have started studying them again. Remember Conference doesn't help you if you just listen to it once. Our leaders words are what God would have us know today so study their words like the scriptures long after Conference is over!

This week in bullet points:
  • We had a great FHE this past Monday. The family we visited is already incredibly strong in the gospel so for our message we shared with them what we saw as their spiritual gifts! They were so happy! So I have a challenge for you: look for spiritual gifts in the people you love and then tell them about them! It makes everyone happy and more aware of the strengths Heavenly Father has given them.
  • We had our first tiny, four-person district meeting and it was actually kind of wonderful. So much Spirit! Tiny districts for the win.
  • We had a Book of Mormon 전도 challenge with the elders. Whoever gives away the most Book of Mormons by the end of the day wins! We lost 4-5, but we had so many spiritual, faith-building experiences and saw lots of little miracles throughout the day. Though now we have to buy the elders ice cream.
  • We went to English class in Kimje (the area right next to ours) in order to help the elders teach English, but ended up teaching their investigators the gospel! It was incredible. We sat down across from these two women, expecting to help them practice their English conversation skills but instead the first thing they said to us was, "Why did you choose to serve a mission? Will you share your testimony?" We were completely floored. At first I thought they were members, then I thought maybe they were sent by President Shin so I started looking for the hidden cameras. But they were neither, just the elders investigators who both truly want to know. We both bore our testimony and the four of us became instant friends. Hopefully we can teach them again next week!
  • We went to the 구절초 축제 (famous flower show) with a member and it was absolutely beautiful. Every day I become more grateful that I was called to serve here.
  • As I said above, Conference was wonderful!
Sorry this is short, but I love you lots!
See you next week!
Sister Sydney

 There was this inactive member that the elders found. He works in a cafe and is the nicest guy ever. When we went for a cup of hot chocolate, he made this for us.

Danger in all directions.

This week we were planning the ward's Halloween party. Kimyoungchan suggested that we dress me up like a pinata, tape candy to my clothes, and let the ward children chase me around with sticks. Um, no.

Waiting at a bus stop will define my mission.

Like a postcard

 Me and Sista Matty. It's a miracle that we managed to keep our eyes open in this picture. That sun was so bright. "해보다도 더 밝은."

Our member took us to the flower show! Jeongup is so beautiful.

 I like it when the Chinese characters look like smiley faces.

"I saw a pillar of light..." okay, I'll stop now.

Me and this chicken! There was a garden full of wooden zodiac animals. So I found mine and took a picture. 

This little boy, Junho. I love him so much. At church we always follow him around outside and he teaches us about bugs and nature. I have many adorable videos of him we can watch when I get home.

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