Sunday, August 3, 2014

A week in the life.......

I'm so sorry, this is going to be a short one because we're going to 전주(Jeonju) to play today! YAYAYAY! Hopefully I'll have fun pictures to send next week.
And since I'm too lazy to form an actual connected train of thought today, I'm just going to go through my planner and tell y'all about my week. So if you're anyone other than my parents, this email will probably not be very interesting to you...I'm sorry!
FHE with the youth. So much food. So much. The member who made it all kept bringing it out in courses (Daddy)--떡보끼, watermelon, strawberry shakes, 국수(noodles), pizza, 라면. It was insanity. And then we all sat in a big circles and played a bunch of games. Koreans are so good at making up fun games with nothing but their brains. I have so many ideas now for BYU game nights.
We met with our investigator 정준형. Our only boy investigator! He's our age and we teach him a little bit of English and then a lot more of gospel (which is so great). Last week during English we talked about movies we've watched recently. Since the last real movie I watched was The Princess Bride, which I watched the weekend before I entered the MTC, that's what I wrote about and he had to practice his reading comprehension by reading what I wrote. Then, half-jokingly, I gave him the assignment this week to watch The Princess Bride and then write about it in English for me to read when we met him again. I only half-expected him to do it (I mean, honestly, has anyone in this country ever seen The Princess Bride?)but then when we met with him on Tuesday, he had actually watched it! I mean, he hated it, of course, but he watched it! And not only that, but he burned it for me onto a DVD. I had to tell him that missionaries actually couldn't watch movies, so I would have to watch it after my mission, but I was so touched!

Eh, no time...
I went on a split with our sister training leader, Sister King! It was great, she really helped me put my mission into better perspective and be not so panicky about what will happen next. Also we talked about classic Hollywood musicals and she used the word "zeitgeist" in a sentence so it was pretty much the greatest split ever.
We skyped the Philippines! That's a sentence I never thought I'd say.
We 가가호호'd some apartments and this sixteen-year old girl just opened the door and just listened to me ramble on in Korean for like a full fifteen minutes. And then a giant centipede fell from the ceiling and she slammed the door closed with a squeal of fright. Satan...
I'm sorry, no time! But I love you all! And I know so much that this work is good and true and it's what I'm supposed to be doing right now, right here, in the absurdly humid Korean countryside. In a lot of ways, my mission is none of what I thought it was going to be, but I'm starting to realize that it's a lot more of what I needed it to be. I know that God lives and He loves us, not because we're perfect, but because we're His children. I know I've certainly made a lot of mistakes on my mission and I haven't always succeeded when I've wanted to, but I know God still loves me for trying. And I think that might be what I needed to learn the most from my mission--I am not perfect, but God loves me for trying. 
And I love you for trying too.
Sister ABBA.

This happened a couple Sundays ago, but it was so funny. hese are our ward mission leader's kids. They live right next to the church and they brought their dog 투부 over after church was over. They were all trying to get her to come to them, but she would only go to their daughter. It was like that scene in Bewitched. (does anyone know the reference i'm making?) Anyway, then it ended like The Lion King. I just thought it was funny.

 I like to think that this is 정읍's memorial to The Breakfast Club

 Is this why they're called eggplants?

 Caught the elders 전도ing like champions.

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