Monday, August 11, 2014

A Rough Week but lots of Pictures

So this week, Sydney asked us not to share her letter.  She had a really bad week and was really sick.  She did say her companion and the ward took very good care of her but she was in bed for four days.  She didn't feel like writing very uplifting things and it's just been a rough week.  I did pull a few snippets from her letter that she would be okay sharing.  She also did send several pictures.  This is late because my nieces wedding was today!  Have a great week everyone!

 I kept dreaming about who my new companion would be and I was right! Her name is Sister M..... (AN AMERICAN. WAHT????) and she's totally awesome and hard-working and bold and funny and I knew her in the MTC and AMERICAN.

OH YEAH. How about I thought that Ashley's wedding was Saturday and was SO DISAPPOINTED when there were no pictures waiting for me this email

Also pray for me this week because I've never introduced an area to anyone before and I have to for the first time ever and I have a terrible sense of direction. It's gonna be bad. But I'm excited for things to change.

 We went to a "Wicked" cafe! I took about a million of these pictures...

A fun rooftop shopping place!

Seriously, visiting this church was like going to Europe. It was the weirdest thing. I knew so much information about the architecture (thanks daddy) and the stained glass! and yes I did get the irony of being a Mormon missionary in a Buddhist nation admiring the beauty of Catholic church. It was awesome.

 A famous church in Jeunju

 Adorable baby is adorable

 Mountain. Jealous, Nicky? ^^

We went to this seriously beautiful ravine in Nejangsan ( really famous mountain) for youth activity

 Me and the bishop's son. I love this kid. 

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