Monday, January 19, 2015

The Penultimate 편지

편지 is Korean for "letter." I did it for the alliteration.
Guys, I'm almost there! Just a week and a half more to go! Welcome home, Em!! That means I'm next, right? It's finally my turn?? I've seen so many friends go home lately and I'm just like, "Focus and finish. But they can take naps now.Endure to the end! But they're probably wearing their pajamas all day. ENDURE TO THE END."
But it's okay because I'm trying to enjoy every second I have left in this beautiful country. I love it here so much and I'm going to miss it terribly when I have to leave. I've learned and changed so much here and as as such, a piece of Korea has now become a piece of me.
And so, in proper dying missionary tradition, here is a list of how I've changed.
1. I actually like corn on my pizza now! Remember when I complained about it a million years ago? Well, it's delicious and I take back all the mean things I said.
2. Once I get home, I'll probably go through a weird post-mission phase and do everything sitting on the floor. I'm so good at it now. Sitting on the floor, eating on the floor, sleeping on the floor...It still blows my mind that missionaries in other missions actually sleep in beds. Like I've just assumed this whole time that it was a budget thing and the Church gave all the missionaries yos(Korean bed mat) in order to save money.
3. I love K-pop so be prepared to listen to a lot of it.
4. I've gotten so good at doing the dishes. I can do a whole sink full of dishes in ten minutes flat. But I'm so excited to see our dishwasher again. And our oven! I forgot about ovens! And our clothes dryer. It will be a happy reunion.
5. I learned to cook!!!! Bahaha. No, I didn't. But I am pretty skilled at making rice and ramyun. So be excited for that.
6. Pencil cases! Do you guys know about pencil cases?! They're the most genius invention--you put all your pencils in them and then they never get lost. It's like a house for your writing utensils and I'm a little obsessed with them.
7. I like eating fruit after every meal and I like to eat it according to season. I'm so sad that I'm leaving Korea right as we get to strawberry and orange season! I made it through the gross winter of persimmons and now I'm going as the good stuff comes. ㅠㅠ But we can eat lots of strawberries when I get back right?
8. I'm a convert to the metric system. I don't even want to the think about how many kilos I've gained since I got here.
9. I'm a believer in recycling. I can organize and properly dispose of garbage like no other. Don't be alarmed if I start collecting a bag of food trash in the freezer.
10. As a result of prolonged exposure to Korea's excellent selection of adorable stationery, I love writing letters!! It's so fun and it brings people so much happiness. So find a missionary and write them a letter! And thank you to everyone who has sent me a card, a letter, a package, or an email these past 18 months. They have meant the world to me and without them I could never have made it this far.
And of course I've changed in lots of spiritual ways too, but we'll save that for my homecoming talk.
I love you all, I'll see you soon!!
Sister Abba.


We climbed a mountain, again!

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