Monday, July 7, 2014

Next Week Will Be Better

It's a good thing we email on P-day or else a lot of these emails would be incredibly depressing. This week was not the best. Most of it came from the fact that it's testing week at the schools so a ton of our appointments cancelled. Not that we had too many to begin with. Also it's hot, this city is tiny, and my only ally in the wilderness, the other 외국인(foreign) missionary transferred and got replaced with a Korean. Now when I don't know what's going on (most of the time) I have no one to share a confused do-you-know-what's-going-on-because-I-don't glance with. Also our dinner appointment cancelled this morning so we have no plan. Again.
I promise I'm not crying.
Anyyyway. Let's talk about something else.
Korean Fun Fact #11: The Rainy Season
The rain started! And it hasn't really stopped since. The rainy season usually goes for the first few weeks of July, but it's not like serious typhoon weather, more like a constant drizzle. I would say this is the reason for my Week of Depression, but I actually love the rain. It makes the air cool and the clouds pretty. I would be totally fine if it kept raining straight into September.
We did have one cool experience this week! (Do I sound more excited when I use exclamation points?)
No, I promise, it was good. Back in January, when my companion first got to this area, she and her companion went  가가호호ing the apartment complex behind the church and someone actually let them in! They chatted and shared a little bit about what missionaries do, asked about her religious history, and so on and so forth. She told them that missionaries always came knocking on her door, but this was the first time she ever let any of them into her house. They got her phone number and gave her a pamphlet, but every time they tried to contact her or visit she was always busy, her husband was sick, her sons were in town, she was too tired, etc. Fast forward five months and I came to 정읍! When I first got here, we left a note on her door and she called back and said that she would be starting a part time job for the month of June, but that we should try to visit again in July. Well, as soon as it hit July, you bet we followed up and called her as soon as possible. And we were able to visit her this week!!
She's this tiny, adorable middle-aged lady who collects rocks. And not like lame rocks, but really cool ones with geodes and what-not (I obviously don't know a whole lot about rocks) on them. They're all mounted on special wooden podiums and they're so fancy! Anyway, we talked some more, she complained to us about her job, and then we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked if we could start teaching her about what we know. She said yes! So hopefully that will work out all right. I like her even though she talks to me like I'm a two year-old. It was a good reminder to me that even though things didn't work out with her five months ago, they're slowly starting to work out now. Missionary work really is just one incredibly long relay race to eternity. And although this week was hard, I feel privileged to be a part of it.
I love you all!
I'll send some pictures now. ^^

Their recent convert

Our recent convert's dad made us homemade 팥빙수 with ice, milk, 미숫가루 mix, red beans, chocolate sauce, and tomatoes.

 But I was still excited to eat it and it was still delicious. I avoided the tomatoes though.

Yay rain!

This dog didn't want to go into her house because it was wet. So she stood on top of it in the rain.

Her name is 투부 and she's the cutest.

My pitiful attempt to celebrate america. (ps. Pappa, thanks for that one time you told everyone in the MTC that I was collecting American flags.^^)

Our Plants
"Modern Day Mulan"  was baptized

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