Sunday, June 22, 2014

Love and Sneaky Investigators

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK NICKY!  I hope being nineteen is even more magical than being eighteen. I can't understand how you are so old. To me you'll always be my four-year old little brother who can't pronounce his "r"s. I love you!
Korean Fun Fact #9 : Love
I've been thinking about this a lot lately, especially since my ward is primarily Young Men and Young Women, all of whom are around the same age, and all of who are, yep you guessed it, completely in love with each other. So many love triangles, it's a mess. But luckily, everyone is still friends. And even better, Korean love is very pure and sweet and innocent, at least from what I've heard. A kiss on the cheek and you're practically engaged to be married. I'm always so very grateful for the relative innocence when it comes to dating in Korean society. It makes the law of chastity our easiest lesson to teach.
English Investigators
We found four more investigators this week, which brings us to a grand total of eight! We're growing our little investigator pool as fast as we can. But the unfortunate news is that all of our investigators have primarily English interest. Which isn't the worst, but also isn't exactly ideal. In fact, teaching English investigators is kind of like fighting with a two-year old about taking a nap. You encourage and you plead with him to take a nap. You explain that one day, when he's older, he will want that nap more than anything in the world, he'll rank sleep among his top five favorite things to do, and he'll feel as though he can never quite do it enough. But right then, as a clueless two-year old, he's not interested in naps. He just wants to stack his stupid blocks. Our job as missionaries is ultimately to help our investigators choose the nap, but we still humor them by stacking blocks together for a couple of hours. Just to make them happy.
Our little investigators are so sneaky though. They do everything to distract us from ending English time and starting gospel time. They give us food, they make us take pictures with them, they start talking about Exo. This week, one of our investigators even started showing us Piano Guys videos. Thank heavens, The Piano Guys are members of the church, so we could match her sneakiness by cleverly turning the conversation back to Christ with this: Thank heavens I watched this so many times in the MTC.
Remember Modern-Day Mulan?
I hope so because she's getting BAPTIZED THIS TUESDAY. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. 이희원 called me last night to tell me and we squealed with delight over our beautiful Chinese miracle. I don't think I'll have time to go, but pray that everything goes well for her and hopefully I can send you pictures next week.
The Importance of a Calling!
Yesterday we had an amazing experience with our recent convert, Grace. She's from the Phillippines and has only a few friends in the ward and doesn't really speak Korean, but yesterday she gave a talk in sacrament meeting (with 이예진 translating) and received a calling as the second counselor in the Primary presidency! She was happy to accept the call and it was so amazing to see the change in her as she stepped out of the bishop's office, with a stronger determination to find her place in the ward and to faithfully fulfill her calling. She started asking me the names of the Primary kids and began trying to talk to them in what little Korean she knew. It really strengthened my testimony about President Hinckley's counsel that every recent convert needs a friend, a knowledge of God's word, and a calling. Nothing can substitute the responsibilty, friendship, and joy that comes from serving others through a calling in the Church. I know that God knows us perfectly and He calls to the calling we're meant to fulfill and even with her limited knowledge of Korean, Grace will do wonders in the Primary. So do your callings! At least you don't have to do it in a foreign language.
아바 자매

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