Sunday, April 6, 2014

Picture Time!

Picture day! As my mom said, I have been seriously lacking lately in the send-pictures-home portion of my emails, so I figured I would just dedicate today to sending pictures of all the things I've been doing these past two transfers.
But first, some announcements.
1. Transfer calls came today! I'm staying in Gongju and I'm staying with 이희원!  Four transfers with the same companion. Bring it on. But our roommate, 김수현 is leaving us for the big city of 첨단. We are going to miss her so much. But we'll get a new Korean roommate and the Gongju 자매 Foursome will more or less stay in tact.
2. Happy Birthday, Grandma Arvanitas! Your little face is even on my calendar, but I forgot to wish you a happy day last week! I'm sorry! I love you and I hope you had a great birthday! :)
3. And that's pretty much it. Let the pictures begin! I love you!

A lot of  these pictures are of us last p-day when we went to "the temple of a thousand buddhas." There were buddhas around every corner, but the title that the name references is the thousand gold ones. So cool!

 We ate at a 샤부샤부 place! so healthy and so delicious.

For Buddhists, rocks are wishes and when you stack them in a little pile like this, they can come true. we found three for our three favorite investigators--Mulan, the pretty one, and Sunny and the bottom one is for successful missionary work!
 um...not too much happened this week. but here are some pictures of HyunJi (Sunny, the girl who's getting baptized).
She came to church again yesterday, as she has for the past 10 Sundays. Even though she isn't set to get baptized until May, she's practically a member already. She sings in Primary, she patiently sits through sacrament meeting, she plays with the other children after church. During Sunday School, my companion and I have been reading the Book of Mormon with her. She has her own "Book of Mormon Stories Coloring Chart" hung up in the Primary room and every time we finish a chapter together she gets to color in a piece of the picture. We're on chapter 4! It kind of feels like my companion and I are her parents and she's our child. We love her so much.
Yesterday, when set off to take her back to Sejong, I had her wear my coat because it was pretty cold outside. She insisted that she keep my name tag on, so she could pretend to be "Abba Jameh." We told her she looked like she belonged at Hogwarts.
I can't explain it, but I just love this little girl so much. I want absolutely every happiness for her. I'm so glad that I made the decision to serve a mission and was sent all the way to Korea to teach her English, to laugh at her silliness, and, most importantly, to be her missionary.

 My companion's birthday gift to me!

 We found a fun little neighborhood with exciting walls!

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