Monday, February 10, 2014

Weird Days

So many things, but I've got no time. Also, I have absolutely no plan for this email so this is probably going to be the worst, most scattered one I've ever written. I'm sorry.

This week we had some weird days. Weird days are the best because they're the days that the bus always comes on time and new investigators pop up out of nowhere and all of our failed plans somehow transform themselves into even better ones.

First of all...
We finally met our Not-Dead Grandma again! She paid her gas bill, so that's a relief. We were just walking across the parking lot on our way to an appointment when she suddenly appeared out of nowhere, grabbed both me and my companion by the wrist, and said, "You're coming to my house. Let's go." She's honestly one of the funniest, albeit slightly senile, Korean grandmas I've ever met. And I've met a lot of Korean grandmas. She tells me I look like her Parisian granddaughter which makes me feel all swiggly and happy inside and she always hugs me and kisses me on the cheek when we part ways, just like my real grandmas do. Her name is 이마리아, which is hilarious, and she has a Chinese roommate who she suspects is a North Korean spy. [Side note: Don't worry. Her roommate is not a spy. Just a really sweet lady in her 40s who selflessly takes care of 이마리아 and likes learning different languages. When we met her, I helped her with her English and now she's our new investigator!]

And also...
Our nine-year old investigator, 현지 is still doing great. Though we had a bit of an awful moment with her this week when we had to cancel English class with her because the other nine-year old, her friend, was asleep and so we couldn't teach in her mom's pig foot shop. Confusing, I know. Anyway, 현지 called her mom to ask if we could teach English at her house, but her mom said no. And then, worst of the worst, 현지 started crying. Like really crying. And all I could think was, "They did not prepare me for this in the MTC." Luckily, my companion is great with children, so she consoled 현지, talked to her mom, and before we knew it, the three of us were gathered around a sticky plastic table in the nearest fast food place, eating french fries and talking about the paintings of Christ in my companion's Gospel Artwork book. Three cheers for wonderful companions.

And finally...
Our new investigator Gaie (pronounced Gah-ee)! She's from the Philippines and is living with her sister here in Korea for a little while. She randomly showed up to sacrament meeting yesterday and since she only speaks English, I talked to her about the symbolism of the sacrament and shared with her my English copy of the Liahona the entire meeting. She's Catholic/Born-Again/Seven-Day-Adventist and she loves to sing. Like really, really loves to sing. Afterward sacrament meeting, Sister K.......and I talked with her and tried to get to know her better, but she just kept breaking out into song. It took everything Sister K....... and I had not to laugh. At one point, Gaie turned to Sister K....... and asked if she knew the song [insert name of random Christian rock song]. Sister K........, in an effort to be polite, was like, "Uhhhh...maybe. I think so..." And so Gaie replied with, "Oh Sister! You do! Please sing it for me!" I was pretty much dying inside because it looked like K........ was going to have to make up a song, but I decided to be merciful and instead we all sing a rousing verse of "Amazing Grace.

Anyway, we finally got Gaie to stop singing long enough for us to teach her the first lesson and it actually went really well. The Spirit was strong and I could feel how close Gaie was to the Truth that she was always singing about. I'm so excited to teach her again.

And...I'm really out of time now.
I love you all!!!!


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