Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quick letter from Korea

I made it to Korea!

First impression--it's SUPER HUMID HERE. Good heavens.
Second impression--President and Sister Shin  are the cutest Korean people on this planet. They are seriously so sweet to us.

I  haven't really done much yet. We flew into Incheon, found our luggage, and then took a two hour bus ride down to Daejeon. It's kind of hard to describe what Korea is like. It's kind of like Ambridge (Ambridge is a city here in PA) except with Tuscan rooves, brightly lit Korean signs, and asian-looking trees. If that, in fact, makes any sense.

After we arrived at the mission home it was like 10:45 pm,  so we just took showers and then went to sleep. This  morning we all gathered together and ate pancakes! It felt like the morning after a sleepover and was actually really fun.

Other than that, nothing new to report. I'll probably get my new companion and area assignment tomorrow morning and then we'll see what will happen to me from there. I don't feel nervous and I don't feel sick, so all is well in life. :)

I love you, parents.
Sister Arvanitas


  1. That's So AMAZING that you have taken the opportunity to serve a Mission. I know that you and your family will be blessed now and Eternally. I have a sweet admiration for all Missionaries. I remember when Sister Ward was here in the Cranberry Ward; she taught my late-Mom the Gospel. Mom was blessed having known the Sisters and Elder Missionaries. Continue to Build your Testimony, Read your Scriptures, and continue to work on your Language skills and you will Forever be Blessed.

    Much Admiration for your Services,

    Bro. Maggard