Friday, August 30, 2013

I cannot do this, but God can!

It's getting closer for Sydney to head to Korea.  In just over a week, she'll be in Korea.  It's crazy!  I'm sure she is ready to leave the MTC and get over there.  She already has such a love for Korea and it's people and she hasn't even stepped foot in it.  She is upbeat and still the same old Sydney that we love.  

to be sung to the tune of "one day more"...

Kay, I'll stop now.

Big news! we received our travel plans today!
We're flying from Salt Lake to.......
and then from Detroit to Seoul.
I feel like it's that scene in Hercules when Hades is like, "um, guys. Olympus is THAT way."
Oh well, at least we'll get to Korea.

We actually thought our elders got their travel plans yesterday. When Pappa Jameh  and I went to the post office to check, we could see a collection of envelopes in our mailbox and got super excited, thinking they were our travel plans. And since the MTC post office lacks any kind of security or discretion, when we asked for all the mail, they willingly gave it to us. Sadly, they were only letters for the missionaries going to Busan, but we decided to play a fun prank on two of our elders by hiding their letters and creating a scavenger hunt the led them on a wild chase around our building. While everyone else got their mail, they followed a trail of rhymes written on post-it notes in order to find their letters. I'll write down all our clues! See if you can figure them out!

October's near,
it's almost fall.
For your first clue,
go to the ____.

I'm feeling parched.
Timp is a mountain.
where to next?
how 'bout the ________.

Now that I drank,
I have to pee more.
To the washroom I go,
but look at the ____.

The building's aflame!
shall we climb higher?
Yes! but first,
find the alarm that calls, "____."

The fire's put out!
Climb the stairs to win!
Where to look next?
check the r_______ ___.

The environment's saved,
But your plans you lack.
Just take a walk
on the r______ _____. (this one's a picture)

You're almost there!
Soon your plans you will see.
How are you at math?
95 + 25 = ___.

Just one more clue,
and then no more of the crap-ah.
They're inside the journal of
sweet Sister _____.

Aren't we clever? p.s. We did this during our excessively long gym time. we promise no MTC rules were broken in the making of this scavenger hunt. 
In other news, at the devotional last Sunday, I met random elder from Ohio who then introduced me to his companion who was from PITTSBURGH! The first thing he asked? "is President Carter your stake president?" YES!
As it turns out, he's from Greensburg, but we'd never met each other because neither of us ever went to stake activities. We became fast friends here in the MTC, though. His name was Elder Jordan Lundquist in case anyone knows him.

A fun Korean fact! The word for tracting in Korean in "kakahoho." It's such an absurd word that I giggle every time I say it.

Also, this little gem...
the time? yesterday.
the place? the classroom.
the activity? language study.

My teacher had given us sentences to practice writing in Korean and I was having him check the sentences I had written. The thing is, Korean sentences are kind of difficult to tell apart with just a cursory glance and instead of asking my (rather attractive Korean) teacher if the sentence I had just written was correct, I accidentally pointed to a sentence I had written the day before when I had been practicing the "Have you ever/I have never" grammar form.

the sentence? 
"I have never kissed a boy."


And then I found a tiny crevice to crawl into and die.
the end.

Finally, the highlight of the week, we got to hear from ANOTHER apostle. So exciting.
This past Tuesday, Elder Neil L. Andersen visited us missionaries in the MTC. What i got from his talk was this:

Over the course of these next two years or eighteen months, one of our greatest sacrifices will be to put away all thoughts of 'I" or 'me' and instead shift our thinking towards God, Christ, and other people. It is a shift that we will  make our entire lives, but now, on these our missions, it is of paramount importance to realize that I CANNOT DO THIS. I cannot learn the language. I cannot find people to teach. I cannot bring people the gospel. 
But God can. And God will.
I am the messenger and He is the master and as I follow His will and His plan, I can be the means of bringing many souls unto Christ and great joy unto the children of men.

I love you.
I wish you all a very happy week.
Sister Arvanitas

 Arvanitas Jameh and Elder Arvanitas.

 Arvanitas Jameh and Pappa Jameh
 I'm really not sure what they are doing.  Sydney gave no explanation.  This is her district.
 This elder was excited to have shaken Elder Neil L Andersons hand

Even the Little Mermaid has been doing missionary work!  ha ha

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  1. Sydney has a way of making me cry, right at the end, pretty much every week! I'm grateful to get a peek at her missionary life, and to feel her valiant testimony. She has taught ME! Thank you!